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"Good analysis of problems with feet and excellent service.  I am now walking pain free, even on long distance walks.  Very satisfied with outcome."


Michael Gillespie (Retired)

"Over a period of several appointments I was treated professionally and with courtesy for the removal of a verrucae on my toe.  Having had appointments previously with other podiatrists without success, I was grateful  to Mr Brodie for successfully dealing with the condition."


Alan Kilpatrick (Retired)

"Discussion on proposed verrucae treatment options and likely length of time to heal.  Opportunity given to ask questions gave confidence in treatment.  Efficient appointment system and staff have professional approach to clients.  Would return for treatment if required as feel confident in advice given."


Andrina Bytheway (Retired)

"Foot care from Douglas is excellent.  He is friendly and immediately puts customers at ease.  He is thorough and effective with his treatment.  I would recommend Douglas to take care of your feet."


Rod Smith (Scottish Gymnastics National Coach)

"The quality of the treatment I have received has been first class.  Every aspect has been fully explained and my feet have improved greatly.  I would highly recommend The Foot Store.  The staff and service are first class and I enjoy every visit."


Martin Young (Property Programme Director)

"As a type 1 diabetic my treatment was designed to avoid complications and problems that can occur in diabetes.  Verrucae were treated with a flexible programme using the traditional treatments alternating with the painless laser therapy which helped attack the problem and helped speed healing.  During the course of treatment a natural remedy was introduced to further speed healing and new skin growth.  My medical conditions offered a great challenge but Douglas gave me confidence with his desire to keep his 100% record in successfully eradicating verrucae.  I am delighted to say that he kept his record and I will always be grateful.  Now my feet and toes are clear, no more using thick pads and insoles to ease the pain and no longer repulsed when I take my socks off.


My Diabetic Consultant had been worried by the condition of my feet and had referred me to the hospital podiatrist who then tried to arrange an appointment with a specialist.  The appointment eventually came through during my course of treatment at The Foot Store.  I informed the consultant about the treatment I was receiving at The Foot Store.  His response was that the equipment and treatment I was being given there was far more advanced than he could provide, the treatment more thorough than he could offer.  His advice was that it would be more effective and more benificial for me to continue to attend The Foot Store and with my permission he binned my hospital appointment card.  I cannot think of a better recommendation."


Norrie McGinigal (Sales Agent)

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